How it works

Select A Plan That Is moderately YOU

We offer both monthly and quarterly plans. With our monthly plan you get 3 pieces of jewelry either silver or gold and a handbag. With our quarterly plan you get 5 pieces of jewelry both silver and gold pieces with a handbag. The best part is you get to keep all the items, so take quiz to help identify which plan is right for YOU.

Let Our Stylist Get To Work For YOU

Once you have completed quiz and select a plan, one of our stylist will curate a box base off of your quiz result with trendy pieces we know YOU will love. 

Check Your Mailbox

A few days later a package will be waiting for YOU. Each month after that you can expect a box if you selected a monthly plan. If you select a quarterly plan then boxes will be sent out each quarter after receiving your first quarter box. 

What's in your upcoming box